Our stylists and colour technicians will use their expertise and knowledge of the latest techniques to create a look just for you. We pride ourselves on providing the finest quality hair services for our clients both female and male. Our thoroughly trained expert team welcomes new, loyal and longstanding clients to our relaxed and friendly salon.

Here at Passion 4 Hair And Beauty we believe that a new hair cut or hair colour or complete new hair re-style is good for you – both on an emotional and physical level. We decided to look into the benefits of changing your look… or at least having a good hair day. Scientific evidence tells us that an appealing appearance and good health positively impacts our lives. We think it’s fair to say that looks matter – our appearance impacts our professional lives, personal lives and social lives – How we feel and how we look are completely entwined like a double helix.

The importance of good looking hair to humans is not something new, the images of Egyptians and Romans focuses greatly on their hair, everyone knows Cleopatra was famed for her beautiful head of luscious black hair (or was that just Elizabeth Taylor?) Only a few centuries ago wealthy men and women wore huge white powdered wigs to show how important they were compared to the filthy dull masses. Evidence shows that people notice someones face and hair well before the rest of their body… in other words your hair is critical in making that first impression. Hair frames the face and as this is the first thing people notice it’s role of creating your image cannot be over-looked.
Luscious hair equates to good health and sexuality, as male and females age the hair thins and goes gray, and this sends a subconscious message of decreased fertility and virility… after all we are still members of the Animal Kingdom, and this is just how nature works – That is unless we intervene!

The inevitable decline means we are faced with many decisions about fitness, weight, skin etc but without doubt the easiest, quickest and most pain free enhancement we can make is having our hair done. Within a couple of hours we can completely change how we look, and that makes a massive difference to how we feel about our aging appearance. Our looks matter to us, and it’s proven that a trip to the Hair Dressers improves our general sense of attractiveness, and if we feel we look good- then we feel good… result. In case proof was needed, a Harvard study showed women who felt that they looked younger after a new cut, colour or both, actually registered a calming drop in blood pressure. A Yale study also confirmed that when subjects recalled a bad hair day their self-esteem dropped, and this increased their social insecurity which impacted on the subjects ‘can-do’ attitude toward personal accomplishments. So if you want to get ahead you need to get a hair-do!

A Nottingham Trent University study also found that, in addition to confidence, women who dye their hair also feel more impulsive, sexually exciting, rebellious, attractive, creative and are able to deal with criticism. It also revealed that women who dyed their hair were also found to be more likely to “put their foot down” with romantic partners, friends and family. Just be warned though…
of the studied women, nearly half agreed that, after dyeing their hair, they wouldn’t be embarrassed to either sing or dance in front of strangers… steady now!

So here at Passion 4 Hair and Beauty we feel we can help you with that all important new look, we are regarded as one of the finest hairdressers in Barnstaple, and with our Nail Bar and two dedicated Beauty Rooms we are without doubt the finest all-in-one salon in Barnstaple. Get this – In 2013 a survey found that British women’s relationships with their hairstylists last, on average, longer than their marriages. In fact, all of our stylists have brought their clients with them, so there seems to be an unbreakable bond between hair stylist and client. Our team are innovative, creative and inspired by fashion. We are committed to creating the perfect style for each and every one of our clients.

Platinums, pastels or brave bold colours, softer colours with strong shapes, sun-kissed highlights and light curls or retro modern… our experienced team can transform and help create the new you.
Our team of Barnstaple hairdressers are here and ready to become your style partners.

You can truly relax and enjoy our services along with a complementary tea or coffee. We make sure that when our clients leave, they have a new fresh look suited to them. Their hair looks healthy and most importantly that they feel as beautiful as they look. So don’t hesitate and call Hayley and her team on 01271 378622 to book your appointment now